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Setting Engineer/Senior Engineer

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Required Skills:

Job Description

We are looking for a setting out engineer and also a Senior Engineer to work on-site in Dublin.

These positions will vary in terms of experience and remuneration.

Expectations of setting out engineer

Determine and procure resources and assign responsibilities for roles and tasks necessary for the satisfactory completion of the works as a Foreman.
Checking drawings and quantities and ensuring that the calculations are accurate for the work.
Overseeing the selection and requisition of materials and plant for use in the construction, and agreeing prices for items.
Maintain and comply with systems for managing site health and safety and welfare – Ensure the inspection, preparation and maintenance of the site in a satisfactory condition for the safe execution of the works
Motivate and arrange for effective productivity of labour, plant and subcontract resources and achievement of required quality within any environmental constraints
Maintain on-site administrative systems to ensure integrated management systems are adhered to
Ensure the provision of information on methods and programmes to enable the completion of the works

Expectations of Senior Engineer.

Liaising and reporting to the Senior Project Manager/ Contracts Manager.
Liaising with the Design Team to ensure requirements and specifications are met.
Develop and maintain relationships with Client Representatives to support the activities and maintain positive relations on behalf of the company.
Representative of the company at all meetings.

Salaries are dependent on experience.

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