How to Show Confidence in Job Interviews.

  1. Think Positively

With all the experience that Future Finders has, the first tip is calm your nerves, by reminding yourself that you deserve to be there! You would not have been invited to interview if you were not being seriously considered as a candidate! Use this knowledge to your advantage to mentally push yourself up before the interview.

  1. Eye contact

Practice keeping good eye contact while listening, and it is important- while speaking. Most people find this harder to do when speaking. There is nothing more essential than eye contact when it comes to showing confidence, and it is extremely clear if you are looking down or to the side when you talk. It is also important to not over-do eye contact as this could make the interviewer uncomfortable. A good balance is key.

  1. Smile and try to enjoy the process

Confident people smile. Nervous people grimace or wrinkle their face up and look super serious or distracted. So along with making eye contact like we talk about earlier. Smile and try to hold relaxed, calm facial expressions. It is okay to show you are thinking about an interview answer, or deciding what to say, but you should not constantly look like you are tense and having a miserable time.

  1. Body Positioning

You can naturally change your body for confidence by asking, (If I was really interested in what my interviewer was saying, how would I sit?) You will be amazed how often you need to readjust your body and how much more confident you feel afterwards.

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