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How to get your CV noticed

How to get your CV noticed

Future Finders knows how hard it is to make a CV, so we decided to share some tips with you. Let’s start? It is crucial your CV makes an impact quickly, as most recruiters will only spend a few minutes reviewing it before deciding on whether to select you for the role or not. Apply the following tips to your job hunt to ensure employers notice your CV.


1. Your personal statement

A brief personal statement directly beneath your contact details provides employers with an idea of your key skills and work ambitions. It is the first place an employer is likely to look, so briefly detail your proudest achievements here and brief work summary.


2. Matching the job description

Attempt to use adjectives that are like those used in the job advertisement, without repeating it word for word. If the employer prioritizes someone with “effective leadership skills” then make sure you show yours during the initial part of your personal statement.


3. Put yourself in the thick of the action

Remember that you are trying to sell yourself. Using phrases like ‘was involved in’ and ‘assisted’ indicates that you were more of a bystander than a leader (recruiters pick up on these things). Use strong action verbs and take credit where credit is due.

A couple of warnings, however: never claim involvement in something that had nothing to do with you and do not bad mouth previous colleagues or employers, this is one of the most frequently cited reasons for candidate rejection.


4. Be Truthful

As tempting as it may be to overdo the truth on your CV, you should always be honest. If you lie about your tasks or achievements from a previous position, you will always get found out at some point. Even if you do not get found out at an interview and you get the role, you will find you are incapable to deliver what is expected of you by the employer. It is important to find the balance between selling and overselling yourself and give an honest picture of your contributions to previous job roles.


5. Less is more

Build your CV easy to skim-read to avoid putting-off recruiters. First, ensure you use a clear font and that your CV is no longer than two A4 sides. A good way to utilise space efficiently is by separating your CV into clear segments with headings and using bullet points to avoid paragraphs being too wordy.


6. Show that you are in demand

Recruiters/Employers are likely to be more interested in a candidate who’s getting attention from rival firms. If other companies are looking to hire you, then that may back up a prospective employer’s assumptions that you are a strong candidate, increasing their confidence that you are a suitable choice for the position.