5 Benefits of Using Future Finders Recruitment Agency

1. Get access to more, better candidates.

There is no one-size-fits-all style to recruitment; it takes time, resources and the knowledge to try out different strategies.

Future Finders already have a vast head start, set up with the following:

> Job Boards. Because Future finders are constantly recruiting, agencies can negotiate great value, long-term contracts with job boards across Ireland getting your advert in front of the right people, pretty much immediately.

> Talent Pipeline. Candidates will track down and register for agencies that have a good standing in the industry. So, a good recruitment agency will already have a network of engaged, capable and friendly candidates to approach with your vacancy.

> Passive Candidates. It takes skill, confidence and experience to approach passive candidates and motivate them to consider a role using different ways, including but not limited to social media, email and the telephone.

2. We Save time

There are a lot of reason why people use Future Finders, to save time!

The recruitment process is definitely not a quick one and especially with popular roles, recruiters can end up spending hours and getting nowhere.

Recruitment agencies take away some of the stress.

  1. Screening CVs.
  2. Candidate communications, including follow up.
  3. General administrative duties.
  4. Initial interviews.
  5. Salary negotiations.

This is what Future Finders do day-in, day-out, we can do it all faster anyway. We know exactly what to look for, the questions to ask and can read any warning signs early on. It gives HR Managers time to deal with more important things.

3. Future Finders Recruitment Knowledge

Future Finders recruitment agencies are just better at recruiting in general it’s what we do.

  1. We know how to make sure your job advert lines highly, using popular keywords and phrases so that the maximum number of people actually see your position.
  2. We know how to write a convincing, attractive job advert that actually gets people to apply.
  3. We know how to quickly, but effectively screen a CV, sussing out weaker candidates early on in the process.

And so much more!

4. Employer Branding.

Future Finders knows how important  employer branding is not just when it comes to recruitment  but to a business as a whole.

We will represent you professionally throughout the entire process, but Future Finders will also ensure that candidates get a feel for your company culture and brand as well.

It is also good to have an agency on your side, because they will back you every step of the way.

For example, if the successful candidate receives another offer, we will help with negotiations and help persuade the right candidate to choose you.

5. Market Knowledge

It is a recruitment consultant’s job to keep up to date with the latest news, developments and current affairs in the industry we are recruiting for.

Such understanding will enable us to guide you through the entire process, advising you of any changes that might affect your process.

For example, an agency will be able to help you with salary benchmarking.

We will know what the ‘going rate’ is right now, whether there is a skills shortage or candidate surplus and how this might affect your chances of recruiting.

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